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Nilesh Thaman from NANKANA SAHIB PUBLIC SCHOOL , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 6/6/12

write a 10 points on demerits of democracy? (in short)


Reecha Upadhyaya ,Meritnation Expert added an answer
Answered on 7/6/12

Dear Student,

Following points can be associated with the demerits of democracy:

  1. Quantity rather than Quality: More emphasis on the number of votes.

  2. Inefficiency: Politicians are more interested in their positions and not in the welfare policies.

  3. Corruption: Democracy encourages nepotism, favoritism.

  4. Political Parties: The political parties create chaos and confusion during election campaign

  5. A Government of Careerists, Opportunists, Self-seekers and Demagogues

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Ishan Goyal , From Dav School Phillaur , added an answer
Answered on 6/6/12

Demerits of democracy:

  • Long duration for legislations
  • Hierarchy causes hindrances like red -tapism
  • Government by popular majorities of average people who are illiterate or uneducated, fails to elect a responsible candidate.
  • The influence of lobbyists like capitalists, industrialists plays an important role in the outcomes of decision making processes
Ishan Goyal , From Dav School Phillaur , added an answer
Answered on 6/6/12

The demerits are as follows:


  • Electoral systems are often skewed and it is difficult to identify a system that ensures adequate representation for everyone

  • Promotes politics of votebank which becomes cynical progressively

  • Decision making is often delayed due to various procedures

  • Hard to maintain.
  • . Tyranny of majority
  • . Slow to act
  • . Requires lot of participation from citizens.
  • . Instability in governance
  • Some more Demerits
    1. The interest of majority dominates the interest of minority
    2.Results are not satisfactory if the masses are illiterate at large
    3.slow economic growth and economic development
    4.deliberations and debates cost lot of time, expenditure on the public wealth.
    5.Role of mass media dominates the informed decision making by the people