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Write a critical appreciation of the poem \'Solitary Reaper\'

 I need the answer for this also please.It\'s urgent....



Asked by studies.rex...(student) , on 28/8/11


"The Solitary Reaper" is a delightful lyric by William Wordsworth. Wordsworth is known as a great lover andpreacherof nature. He impresses us by the imaginative and philosophical quality of his thoughts.This poem is a result of his visit to Scotland where he came across a lovely maiden in the fields all alone. Her lovely person and her sweetsonghad a deep impression on the poet and moved him to compose these verses. The lovely singer appeared to be a part of that beautiful scene of nature.A highland girl was reaping grain in the field andsingingasongat the same time. The poet did not understand the contents of thesongas it was in a foreign language. He guessed that it was the tale of old and tragic events of the past. It could also be an account of some recent calamity or mishap. Whatever the theme of thesong, it was sung in a beautiful, rich voice. Thesongseemed to be endless. The poet was bewitched by the thrilling notes of the lonely reaper. The whole valley was ringing with her silvery sound. Even the spring bird Cuckoo could not produce such a magical effect as the maiden'ssongcost on the poet.The poet stood still and listened to thatgolden voicefor some time. After words, when he was climbing the hill he could not hear thatsongany longer. But he was still feeling the sweet vibrations of that music in his heart. The sweet memory of thatsonghad become a permanent source of joy.

Posted by Viinu(student)on 24/8/13

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