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write a letter to friend inviting him to spend a weekend with you

Asked by Rishi Raj Singh(ST. PAUL'S SCHOOL) , on 2/7/15

This is a creativity based question which should be attempted on your own. You can refer to the following points while framing your answer:
  • Begin by asking about your friend's health and well being.
  • Ask him/her their exams and what are their plans after the exams get over.
  • Invite your friend for a weekend- tell him/her about the places they can visit and the activities they will do.
  • End by asking about your friend's family's well being and a reply
You can refer to the format of the Formal letter on our website.

Posted by Reena Haldaron 3/7/15

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 examination hall

xyz city

8 march 2011

dear sparsh,

hello how are you? I hope you are fine.I was writing this letter to invite you to my house to spend this weekend.

    As my birthday has passed recently, on this Friday so i was just holding a party for you and me.we would spend the night of          Saturday playing games on the P.C. till late night,go for jogging early morning and then play all the afternoon playing games          on the com.

    so please don 't decline this invitation of mine.pay my regards to everyone.

yours affectionately,                                                                                                                                                                                                      gurkanwar

Posted by Gurkanwar Singhon 9/3/11




sector 4 house no 5

Dear shivani,

I know that your parents are going somewhere for the whole weekend and so I was thinking to invite you overto my house for the whole weekend. It 's gonna be realyyyyyyy fun and plus as i amyour best freind please don 't say no and plus it 's gonna be BOOOOOOOOOOOring staying home all aloneso hope u can make it.


Your best freind NIKITA!

Posted by Nikita0831...on 14/6/11


Your letter is fine but you can 't use words like realyyyyyy or BOOOOOOOOring. You also can not use text messaging language. Hope you understand and stop posting wrong letters.

Posted by mahesh_gkr...(Vibgyor High) on 25/2/12


 write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend a few days with you

Posted by Muhammad Azeemon 10/5/12


Sangathe platina

b-401 4th floor

opp demart

13 5 2012

dear friend

hi i am thinking how

to spend my holiday

so after that on 12 5 2012

at that night i thought that

i can spend my holiday with

my friend so i am telling

you that lets go to dubai

for few day withe your

bagpack for few day

ask yor parents and

if they said that yes

so it would be a lot

of fun if no so may

be next time so

i will all so try

my best to convense

your parents and you

all so try ok

your loveingly


Posted by Harshit Sinha(DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 13/5/12

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