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 write a short note on revolt of bastar??

Asked by Shivam Gupta(ST.COLOMBO PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 30/10/11


The Bastar Rebellion was one of the prominient  tribal rebellions against the britishers. The iniative was taken by the Dhurwas of the Kangar forest. The rebellion was led to Gunda Dhur from village Nethanar.

Posted by Rachitha Rulez...(N.S.K.K. High School) on 30/10/11

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 The rebellion of Bastar in 1910 was caused by a combination of various factors. These included displacement, increased land rent and demands for free labour and goods. The most important reason was the attitude of the colonial government which wanted to subjugate the people and destroy their way of living by taking over their lands. In 1905, the colonial government proposed the reservation of two-thirds of the forest area and stop shifting cultivation, hunting and collection of forest produce. Those who were allowed to stay in the reserved areas had to work for the forest department. Gatherings of people took place where these issues were discussed. Gunda Dhur was an important leader during this time. Secret messages inviting the villagers to rebel were passed during this time. Bazaars were looted, houses of officials, traders, schools and police stations were burnt and robbed. All those who were attacked were associated with colonial state and its laws. The British ultimately put the rebellion down by employing heavy force. The reservations though, were temporarily suspended and the area under them was reduced to half.

Posted by Param Sukhadia(Kendriya Vidhyalaya No. 1) on 13/10/12


 Bastar is located in the southernmost part of Chhattisgarh and borders Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Maharashtra .The place is occupied by the tribes and they speak different languages but share common customs and beliefs. The people of Bastar believe that each village was given its land by the Earth, and in return, they look after it.

When the colonial government proposed to reserve two-thirds of the forest in 1905, and stop shifting cultivation, hunting and collection of forest produce, the people of Bastar were very worried. They revolted against the British because the laws introduced by them were very repressive. They were devoid of their sources of livelihood, occupation.

Posted by Param Sukhadia(Kendriya Vidhyalaya No. 1) on 13/10/12

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