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write a summary of poem seven ages?

Asked by Amita Tripathy(k.v.cantt(gandhinagar)) , on 7/11/10



The answer posted by rohitha123 is a good attempt.

Keep up the good work and continue posting such answers. I am sure they are much appreciated by fellow students.




Best wishes!

Posted by shashank.singh...on 8/11/10

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Summary of poem seven ages

The poem commences with life being compared to a huge stage where all of us are only actors. Each person has an entry into the world at birth and exits it at death.

According to Shakespeare, every man plays several parts during his life time. On the stage of life every man has seven acts. The first act of man is infancy. At this time all that the baby does is cry and puke on his nurse 's lap. After he goes through his infant life, he emerges as a school child who slings his bag over his shoulder and creeps most unwillingly to school.

At the next stage in life, the young man is a lover who is busy composing ballads for his beloved and sighing deeply for her attention. He graduates into a bearded soldier who promises solemnly to guard his country. He is filled with national pride, is quick to be insulted and is always ready to spring up in defence. At this point of time he is more concerned with status and reputation. From the agile soldier, he goes on to become a judge whose waistline grows as he becomes fatter and fatter. He wears a short, formal beard and his eyes become intense. He is full of wisdom, speaking to everyone in a just and wise manner.

After he has played this part, he goes into the sixth age. He becomes thin, wears spectacles, the skin around him hangs loosely. He is made fun of as being a funny old man. His youth has been left behind. His clothes hang loosely around him and his once manly voice turns into a high pitched, childish one. With this, man enters the last act where he experiences his second childhood as he becomes dependent on people once more. He is overcome by senility and forgetfulness, as he loses his faculties of sight, hearing, smell and taste, slowly but surely, and ultimately dies.

If you are satisfied do give thumbs up .

Posted by Mohd Imad(Gems Our Own English High School) on 7/11/10


Its According to the cbse syllabus gunduroshini .If you know the ans the send your ans but dont say this bullshit thing here .

Posted by Mohd Imad(Gems Our Own English High School) on 7/11/10


The man in the poem goes through these stages:

·  Infancy : In this stage he is dependent on others and needs to be constantly attended to.

·  Childhood : It is in this stage that he begins to go to school. He is reluctant to leave the protected environment of his home as he is still not confident enough to exercise his own discretion.

·  The lover : In this stage, comparable to modern day adolescence , he is always remorseful due to some reason or other, especially the loss of love. He tries to express feelings through song or some other cultural activity.

·  The soldier : It is in this age, comparable to modern day young adult , that he thinks less of himself and begins to think more of others. He is very easily aroused and is hot headed. He is always working towards making a reputation for himself and gaining recognition, however shortlived it may be, even at the cost of his own life.

·  The justice : In this stage, comparable to modern day adult , he has acquired wisdom through the many experiences he has had in life. He has reached a stage where he has gained prosperity and social status. He becomes very attentive of his looks and begins to enjoy the finer things of life.

·  Old age : He begins to lose his charm — both physical and mental. He begins to become the brunt of others ' jokes. He loses his firmness and assertiveness, and shrinks in stature and personality.

·  Mental dementia and death : He loses his status and he becomes a non-entity. He becomes dependent on others like a child and is in need of constant support before finally dying.

Posted by Nidhi Chourasia(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA NO.2) on 23/9/11


summary of dis poem !! :

Infant boy has no other chances. He can 't do and prefer anything. He is juust puking and crying. 
School boy:
Of course he doesn 't want to go school. He is compared to a snail with respect to his reluctance.  Writer  tells about the creeping mornings of school boy.
Then the lover:
He is full of woeful. He is like a furniture.
He take strange oaths. He don 't know what his pledges mean. He is dauntless anyway. He commits his life but he don 't cares. He is quick tempered. He want reputation but it is bubble reputation ( this means short lived fame. Bubbles are beautifull and stunning but they are short lived.) you risk your life for a bubble reputation. You are not mature yet. 
You are wise. You are convincing because of your life experience(wisdom). You are wordly wise. You have severe eyes at this stage. So people scared of you then they run cold because of your social status. People who are in front of you are intimidated by looky.
He is mean. He stoops because he wants to save his pouch on his belt. He is apt to keep lovers apart. He is parsimonious. 
Old man:
He is like a child. He is contracting. He is a dotage. He can not hear well.

Posted by Aastha(Gyanshree) on 7/10/11




jst learn it!  n u r done.

Posted by honey.maurya...(SUMER MAL JAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 23/10/11


if you donot want to study means keep quite

Posted by chkkuon 2/11/11


 in this poem the poet wants to tell about the different ages that come into ones life.like-infantcy , childhood , lover , soldier , justice , old age ahd the last very old.

Posted by eshita1997...on 8/11/11


 I dont know who can give this thumbs down

Posted by Rushab Shab(SHARADA VIDYALAYA) on 9/11/11



Posted by Rohan Garg(O.P. JINDAL SCHOOL) on 20/11/11


different stages of life----infancy,, scoolboy,, lover,, soldier,, justice,, slippered pantaloon,, AND senality..

Posted by parvathy.ajayan...on 21/11/11


Well... this is also a very good answer...i gave it thumbs up...it was helpful to me in fa3 xam

Posted by Rushab Shab(SHARADA VIDYALAYA) on 23/11/11


thank u sooo much!!!!

Posted by Charu Bhargava(RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 8/12/11



because of you i completed my homw work!!!! :)

Posted by Ravi Viswanath(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 8/12/11



Posted by Rushikesh(DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 21/12/11

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