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 Write causal organisms for the following  a) Malaria  b)Kala azar  c)Sleeping sickness  d) SARS  e)AIDS  f)Acne  g)Ascaris  h)Cow pox  i) Small pox

Asked by Madiha(student) , on 14/2/12

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@Madiha: You may refer to the answer provided by your friends.

@others: Very good! Keep it up.

Posted by kunal.sharma...on 15/2/12

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More Answers

a)protozoans.-(Female anopheles mosquito)



d)it is the name of a virus which comes from the surface of infected cell.



g)ascaris is the name of a worm that come under Nematoda phylum.

h)the virus whose severity is very mild.(Cow pox virus).

i) the virus whose severity is more .(small pox virus).

Posted by V.manoj Preveen(student)on 14/2/12

malaria- protozoan parasite , plasmodium

kala zar- protozan parasite- lieshmania

AIDS- a retovius virus, HIV

Posted by Surabhi Gupta(student)on 14/2/12

a - female anopheles mosquitoe b - certain species of sand flies (protozoan parasites) c  - certain flies (Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense  and  Trypanosomoa brucei gambiense) d - coronaviruses  e - hiv virus f - micromodeos ( Hyperkeratinization  and formation of a plug of  keratin  and  sebum) g - ascaris h - cowpox virus i - either of two viruses (Variola major  and  Variola minor) 

Posted by Siddharth Yadav(student)on 14/2/12

(a)malaria is caused by female anopheles mosquitoe which carries plasmodium (b)kala azaris caused by a protozoan named leishmania (c)it is caused by a protozoan organism named trypanosoma (d)sars stands for severe acute respiratory syndeoms (e)HIV virus (f)it iz caused by a bacteria named staphylococci (g)aduld round worm (h) familiar to chicken pox itz a virus called cow pox virus (i)virus named variola......hope it help you  ..siddhart ans in simple wrdz..........

Posted by Blazing Teen(student)on 14/2/12


kala azar-leishmania(protozoa)

sleeping sickness-trypansoma

SARS- SARS virus

AIDS- HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) virus

Posted by Sreya Alice(student)on 15/2/12

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