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NCERT Solutions

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Cash Flow Statement

Question 6:

From the following particulars of Bharat Gas Limited, calculate Cash Flows from Investing Activities. Also show the workings clearly preparing the ledger accounts:

Balance Sheet of Bharat Gas Ltd. as on .............  
Particulars Note No. Figures as the end of 2011
Figures as at the
end of reporting 2010
II) Assets      
1. Non-current Assets
a) Fixed assets
i) Tangible assets
1 12,40,000 10,20,000
ii) Intangible assets
2 4,60,000 3,80,000
b) Non-current investments
3 3,60,000 2,60,000


Notes 1 Tangible assets = Machinery
  2 Intangible assets = Patents


  Figures of current year Figures of previous year
1. Tangible Assets    
12,40,000 10,20,000
2. Intangible Assets          
3,00,000 1,00,000
1,60,000 2,80,000
    4,60,000 3,80,000
3. Non-current Investments          
10% long term investments  
1,60,000 60,000
Investment in land  
1,00,000 1,00,000
Shares of Amartex Ltd.  
1,00,000 1,00,000
    3,60,000 2,60,000

Additional Information:

(a) Patents were written-off to the extent of Rs. 40,000 and some Patents were sold at a profit of Rs. 20,000.

(b) A Machine costing Rs. 1,40,000 (Depreciation provided thereon Rs. 60,000) was sold for Rs. 50,000. Depreciation charged during the year was Rs. 1,40,000.

(c) On March 31, 2007, 10% Investments were purchased for Rs. 1,80,000 and some Investments were sold at a profit of Rs. 20,000. Interest on Investment was received on March 31, 2011.

(d) Amartax Ltd. paid Dividend @ 10% on its shares.

(e) A plot of Land had been purchased for investment purposes and let out for commercial use and rent received Rs. 30,000.

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