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Case Study Mr. Srikant is the Sales Manager of a reputed corporation. He has 25 employees in his department, and all are paid commission for their sales in their territories. For the past three years, the market for company’s goods has been steadily growing and the majority of Srikant’s staff has met his growth with increased sales. However, one employee in particular, Mr. Krishna has not kept up with the pace. Mr. Krishna has been with his Corporation for over 20 years and is now 56 years old. Mr. Krishna is a friendly man and is liked by his peers and those to whom he sells the company’s products on regular basis. The Company has always considered Mr. Krishna dependable and loyal. Through the years, Mr. Krishna has been counted as an asset to the company, but at the age of 56, he has gone into state of semi-retirement. Mr. Krishna’s sales have not increased as the others have and he does not have the determination to acquire a significant increase in sales. Mr. Srikant wishes to change this situation. He wants to motivate Mr. Krishna into increasing his sales to match that of his younger peers. To accomplish this, Mr. Krishna begin to do more than put in his time, but Mr. Srikant is not sure how to go about trying to motivate him . Unlike the majority of the new employees; Krishna is and old man, who within few years will reach the age of retirement. If you were Mr. Srikant, what would you do in each of the following cases and why? a) Would you threaten to fire him? Justify b) Would you increase the commission? Justify c) Would you increase the retirement benefits for Krishna rather than offering him the increased commission rate? State the reason/ reasons also in this case . d) Would you offer him more status by way of a new title or a new Company car or place is table in a better position in the office? e) Is there some way in terms of appraisal and rewards with which you can motivate Mr. Krishna? If yes then mention the ways in detail which according to you can be applied here. If no, then also elucidate your answer in that case also .

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Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
Just by the use of colours you can balance your diet. All you need to do is to pay a little attention to
the food you eat. Nutrition experts strongly recommend adding colours to your diet. Sweets and
candy bars are generally colourful, but remember they do not contain natural colours and hence
are not healthy. The key solution is a variety of naturally coloured foods. The deeper the colour,
the greater the benefits.
Getting more colours in your diet doesn?t mean you have to drastically change your current eating
habits. Have a glass of 100% juice in the morning. Keep a mix of dried fruits on hand for a quick
snack. Grab an apple or banana on your way out. Include at least two vegetables in your dinner.
Get into the habit of starting your dinner with a salad. Eat fruit for dessert. Always add greens to
Most red fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, which offer protection against ultraviolet rays
and cancer, and helps to prevent urinary tract infections and diseases related to the circulatory
system. Green vegetables along with being appealing possess excellent antioxidant properties that
protect the eyes by keeping the retina in good condition and reduce the risk of cancerous tumours.
The orange and yellow group is rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that improves cell
communication and thereby helps to stop the spread of cancer. While the blue and purple group
adds an element of richness to your plate, influences the pineal gland (the third eye) and the
nervous system. The white group contains sulphur compounds that protect the DNA and
flavonoids, an antioxidant that protects cell membranes.
Therefore, the more colourful your diet is, the better equipped your immune system would be to
cope with diseases.
On the basis of your reading complete the following sentences:
(8?1= 8 marks)
(i) ___________ can balance one?s diet.
(ii) Sweets and candy bars ___________ so they are unhealthy.
(iii) One should substitute ___________ for pudding at the end of a meal.
(iv) Antioxidants help to ___________.
(v) The word ?drastically? in Paragraph I means ___________
(vi) Green vegetables reduce the risk of ___________.
(vii) Blue aind purple vegetables add ___________ in plate.
(viii) Colourful diet helps our ___________ to cope with ___________.

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