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Calculate National Income  by  (i) Income method (ii) find subsidies from below items.
(i) rent                                                                                                             6000
(ii)Net domestic capital formation                                                           15000
(iii) Employer's contribution to social security schemes                         3000
(iv) Profit                                                                                                         10000
(v) interest                                                                                                         4000
(vi ) Net factor Income to abroad                                                                   2000
(vii)Change in stock                                                                                         5000
(viii) Gross fixed capital formation                                                                15000
(ix) Compensation of employees                                                                   40000
(x) royalty                                                                                                           10000
(xi)Private final consumption expenditure                                                   32000
(xii)Indirect taxes                                                                                                 5000
(xiii) Mixed Income of self employed                                                               5000
(xiv) Net imports                                                                                                 -5000

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