Subject: Science, asked on 12/11/17

Subject: Science, asked on 4/11/17

The driver'of a Car travelling along a straight road with speed of 32 Km/h observes sign boards which give speed limit to be 54 km/h. The signboard is 70m head When the driver applies the brakes. Calculate the acceleration Of car which Will cause the Car to pass the signboard at the stated speed limit. 
Why do living organisms require food? 
What does the rood provide us? 
Why do we need to inclease production emciency of crops and livestock? 
Define: (i) Crop (ii) Compost (iii) Fertiliærs (iv) Irrigation 
(v) Mixed cropping 
What are the different types of crops? 
Which type ofcrops provides us with fats? 
Name a crop that provides us with carbohydrates, proteins as well as fats. 
Name two fodder crops. 
What is photoperiodism? 
What are Kharif crops and Rabi crops? 
What is hybridization? 
What is meant by a hybrid? 
What is an intenarietal hybrid? 
What are genetically modified crops? 
How many nutrients are essential for plants? 
How do plants get nutrients? 
Name two nutrients obtained by plants from air. 
Which essential nutrient do plants obtain from water? 
What are micronutrients? 
Why are some essential nutrients called macronutrients? 
What are manures? 
Name the different forms of manures. 
Define green manure. 
Give two examples of crops that are grown as green manures. 
100. Which type ofcrop is grown between two cereal crops to restore the fertility of the soil! 
101 . What is the basic objective of mixed cropping? 
102. Define: (i) intercropping and crop rotation (ii) crop protection and pests 
103. What kinds ofcrops are grown in intercropping? 
104. How are diseases transmitted in crops? 
105. What is a pesticide? 

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