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Subject: English, asked on 7/3/18

1,lacking respect
2.respect and admiration
3.small and weak
6.became calmer:

Once opon a time in a village in south India lived a boy called Tenali Raman. Raman was a very clever and good looking boy, but he got on everyone's nerves. He was always playing pranks or making fun of people. He was quite irreverent and would even mock the elders of the village. Now elders, who take themselves and their position seriously, do not like to be made fun of. They decided that something had to be done about Raman. They caught hold of Raman's mother and warned her that her son would come to a sticky end if she did not take him in hand. He could not go around making a mockery of everything. They warned her that if he went on like that he would be sent away from the village.
The poor lady did not know what to do! Raman did not take anything seriously. Nor did he take a interest in any kind of occupation. After months of gentle reprimands and attempts and persuading Raman to turn over a new leaf, she got really fed up.
She found a holy man who was a teacher and sent Raman of to study with him. 
"Maybe he will teach you something useful," she said. "Don't come back till you learnt enough to earn your living."
So Raman went of to study. Now Raman was actually quite good at his lessons. when his mind occupied, he even forgot to pay pranks! His teacher was very pleased with him.

Finally, one day the teacher told Raman, "Well, I've taught you all I can. Now you must go out into the world and seek your fortune."
"But," Said Raman, "I still do not know what I can do for a living! How will I face my mother?"
His teacher then taught him a mantra and told him to recite it at the nearby temple three million times.
"If you concentrate and recite it sincerely," he said, " the goddess with her thousand heads will reveal herself to you. If you remain unafraid you can ask her for a boom. Ask her to guide you about what occupation you can take up in life."
So, the next day Raman got up early, bathed in the river and wore new clothes. Then he went home and brought a plate of offerings with a coconut, some bandannas, betel leaves and nuts, joss sticks, a string of sweet-smelling jasmine and a lump of fragrant camphor. He then set of a recite the mantra at the temple.
He stood in front of the deity at the temple and began chanting the mantra. He concentrated and repeated the mantra as sincerely as possible. He Concentrated so hard he did not notice that it had turned dark or that the temple priest had locked up the shrine and gone home. 
When Raman had chanted the mantra three million times, the goddess revealed herself to him in all her glory. Raman looked at her awe but was quite unafraid.
He moved his head from side to side as he tried to take in all her thousand heads. The goddess seemed quite pleased to see a mortal who was so bold and unafraid. 
Suddenly, a thought struck Raman and he burst into laughter. He laughed and laughed till teams streamed down his cheeks and he had to told on to one of the temple pillars for support. 
The goddess was stunned for a moment.  She had never seen a mortal who was not only not terror- struck by her form but also had temerity to laugh at her. She felt quite insulted and thundered, "you puny mortal! How dare you laugh at me? What do you find so funny?"
Raman tried to control himself and finally uttered these words between gusts of laughter. "I was wondering." he gasped "what do you do when you have a cold?
We mortals find it so difficult, with one nose and two hands - how on earth do you manage with a thousand runny noses?"
The Goddess was furious. She raised all her thousand heads up and looked down haughtily at Raman. "Because you've dared to laugh at me," she cursed, "you will earn your living as a jester - a vikatakavi.  that is occupation I give you !"

Raman, however, Was not upset. 

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