Subject: English, asked on 17/2/17


Subject: English, asked on 17/2/17


Subject: English, asked on 15/12/16

Complete the sentences using suitable forms of verbs given in the brackets (EXPERT PLEASE ANSWER FAST) 

. Complete the sentences using suitable forms of verbs given in the brackets.

1. He ________________ (study) medicine and them ________________(given ) it up.
2. I__________________(feel) as if I  ______________________(know) him all my life.
3. Halima ___________________(fly) to Qatar.
4. The weather _______________(get) warmer and warmer.
5. I _______________________(cook) when the phone ______________(ring).
6. Scenes from the whole of his past life__________________(flash) through the pirate's mind as he lay_______________(die).
7. He_________________(be ) superstitious and _______________(feel) that something terrible_____________(go) to happen to him. He was right. As he __________________(dive) down the mountain. the car ___________________(hit) a patch of ice,________________-(skid) out of control and _____________(crash) when we set out.
8. The sun__________________(shine) when we set out.
9. It started to rain when we ____________________(cross) the field.
10. Tariq usually goes to school by bus but yesterday he ____________________(go /on foot).
11. When did Shakespeare _________________(write) Hamlet ?
12. I was thirsty, so I ____________________(buy) my self a cup of tea.
13. The baby _________________(cry) all night.
14. Mira ___________________(lose) her pen. Her friends ________________(look) for it everywhere but could not find it. Mira ______________(be) upset. The pen ________________(belong)) to her uncle. She ________________(cry) a lot. Her friends ______________________(try) to console her. The teacher ______________(find out) about Mira's pen. "Let 's find out who ________________(steal) Mira's pen," she said.
15. Several birds ______________________(eat) when upside down but there ________________(be) only one bird which, when the right way up, __________________ (turn) its head upside down to eat. It _________________(be) not some obscure bird but you would recognize at once. It _________________(be) the Flamingo.


Subject: English, asked on 14/12/16

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