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B4) Find the errors in the sentences and write the correct ones in the blank provided. 3
Commonwealth golden medalist Heena (a)_________
Sidhu used to watch its uncle repair (b)_________
Each kinds of guns in her neighbourhood (c)__________
And developed a fancy for it. And in (d)__________
2006, where she took up shooting her (e)__________
Family members didn?t think she should (f)__________
Win awards and make her country proud.
B5) Unscramble the words and make meaningful sentences
(a) are a/ Indian temples/ Indian art/ store house of
(b) essential part/ form an/ the sculpture and painting/ temple architecture/ of the
(c)Konark temple/ the/ in Odhisa/ is situated
B6) Give below is a set of instructions to be followed by a person suffering from influenza. Complete the paragraph that follows by writing appropriate answers.
(i) Avoid milk and milk products
(ii) Make a decoction of about ten mint leaves in a cup of water
(iii) Add a tea spoon of honey before drinking it at bed time
(iv) Keep a cut onion by the side of the bed to inhale
(v) Take a salad prepared from the radish twice a day
Milk and milk products are to be avoided. The decoction of about (a)______ in a cup of water. A teaspoon of (b)______ before it is drunk at bed time. A cut onion (c)______ so that it can be inhaled. A salad prepared (d)______ a day.
B7) Use the notes given below to complete the following paragraph.
Jaipur ? the pink city ? popularly known ? located ? 262 km. from Delhi ? derives its name ? founder ? Sawai Jai Singh II ? encircled by a formidable wall ? constructed 1727 AD ? 284 year ? retain strong Rajputana flavor ? old world charm.
Jaipur (a)_____ as the Pink City. It (b) ____ 262 kms from Delhi. Jaipur (c) _____ from its founder, the astronomer king Sawai Jai Singh II. It (d) _____ by a formidable wall. It (e) _____ in 727 AD and even 284 years after it was founded, all through. Jaipur (f) _____ strong Rajputana flavor and old world charm.

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