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II. Read the passage given below.

I. Research from the Publishers Association has shown that films based on books take 44% more at the box office revenue in the UK and 53% more worldwide than original screenplays. The report explores what impact a book has when adapted for film and TV. 

II. The report reads: “Published material is the basis of 52% of top UK films in the last 10 years, and accounts for an even higher share of revenue from these leading performers, at 61% of UK box office gross and 65% of worldwide gross.” The Hollywood adaptation of“My Cousin Rachel” was shown to have a significant impact on the sales of the Daphne Du Maurier thriller. The sales of the book in 2017 alone accounted for 23% of all sales since 1992.

III. The research suggests that adapted films tend to perform better, because films can “leverage the popularity” of well-known books through an existing audience. Films adapted from books also tend to have a richer, more fully-developed story to draw on. In terms of TV adaptation, it was revealed that a quarter of dramas were based on literary sources and attracted a 56% larger share of the audience than those based on original scripts. Fourteen of the 35 high end series produced in the UK in the period between January and September 2017 were based on books, compared to seven based on true stories or historical events and five based on pre-existing films or TV stories.

IV. In the case of the 2016 BBC broadcast of “The Night Manager”, research revealed that while the novel was in circulation for over 25 years, 82% of the copies it sold were in 2016 and 2017. Sales of the paperback edition remained strong in 2017 even after the
series went off the air. V. In conclusion, the report states that “there is a strong two-way relationship between publishing and the wider creative economy, wherein a successful adaptation often has spill-over effects and gives a substantial boost to the sales of the original book.” (338 words)

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions by choosing the correct option.

Q.17 This passage lists an example proving that TV dramas based on literary works have_______. Select the correct option.
A. increased the immediate sales of the book
B. increased the sales of the book during the first screening
C. had no immediate impact on the sales of the book
D. had very little impact on the sales of the book

Q.18 Choose the correct option to answer the following: According to paragraph V, ‘there is a two-way relationship between books and the screen’. This is so because both
A. revolve around the same stories.
B. cater to an audience with the same taste.
C. gain from each other’s popularity.
D. belong to the creative field.


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