Subject: Science, asked on 1/11/15

I want the setting of this story fast……….. The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl Chorus: In the biggest brownest muddiest river in• Africa, two crocodiles lay with their heads just above the water. One of the crocodiles was enormous. The other was not so big. Enormous: Do you know what I would like for my lunch today? Not so big: NO, what? Enormous: For my lunch today, I would like a nice juicy little child. Not so big: I never eat children, only fish Enormous: Ho, Ho, Ho, I'll bet if you saw a fat juicy little child paddling in the water over there at this very moment, you'd gulp him up in one glop! Not so big: They taste so bitter, you have to cover them with sugar before you can eat them. Enormous: Children are bigger than fish, you get bigger helpings. Not so big: You are greedy. You're the greediest croe in the whole river. Enormous: I'm the bravest croe in the whole river. I'm the only one who dares to leave the water and go through the jungle to the town, to look for little children to eat. Not so big: You've only done that once. And what happened then? They all saw you coming and ran away. Enormous: Ah, but today when I go, they won't see me at all. Not so big: Of course they'll see you. You're so enormous and ugly, they see you from miles away. Enormous: Nobody will see me, because this time I've thought up secret plans and clever tricks. Not so big: Clever tricks? You've never done anything clever in your live. You're the stupidest croe in the whole river. Enormous: I'm the cleverest croc in the whole river. For my lunch today I shall feast upon a fat juicy little child while you lie here in the river feeling hungry. Goodbye. Chorus: The Enormous Crocodile swam to the side of the river, and crawled out of the water. A gigantic creature was standing in the slimy oozy mud on the riverbank. It was Humpy-Rumpy the Hippopotamus. Humpy-Rumpy: Hello, Hello. Where on earth are you off to at this time of day? Enormous: I have secret plans and clever tricks. Humpy-Rumpy: Oh Dear, I'll bet you're going to do something horrid. Enormous: I'm going to fill my hungry empty tummy with something yummy! Humpy-Rumpy: What's so yummy? Enormous: Try to guess. It's something that walks on two legs. Humpy-Rumpy: You don't mean ... You don't really mean you're going to eat a little child? Enormous: Of course I am. Humpy-Rumpy: Oh you horrid greedy grumptions brute! I hope you get caught and cooked and turned into crocodile soup! Enormous: Ha Ha Chorus: (he waddles off into the junle) Inside the jungle, he met Trunky the elephant. Trunky was nibbling leaves from the top of a tall tree, and he didn't notice the Crocodile. So the Crocodile bit him on the leg. Trunky: Ow! Who did that? 0, it's you, is it, you beastly crocidile. Why don't you go back to the big brown muddy river where you belong? Enormous: I have secret plans and clever tricks. Trunky: You mean you've got nasty plans and nasty tricks. You've never done a nice thing in your life. Enormous: I'm off to find a yummy child for lunch. Keep listening and you'll hear the bones go crunch! Trunky: Oh, you wicked beastly beast! Oh, you foul and filthy fiend! I hope you get squashed and squished and squizzled and boiled up into crocodile stew! Chorus: (the enormous crocodile laughed out loud and disappeared into the thick thick jungle) A bit farther on, he met Muggle-Wump the monkey. Muggle-Wump was sitting in a tree, eating nuts. Muggle-Wump: Hello Crocky! what are you up to now? Enormous: I have secret plans and clever tricks. Muggle-Wump: Would you like some nuts? Enormous: I have better things to eat than nuts. Muggle-Wump: I didn't think there was anything better than nuts. Enormous: Ah-ha; The sort of things that I am going to eat have fingers, toe-nails, arms and legs and feet. Muggle-Wump: You aren't really going to gobble you a little child, are you? Enormous: Of course I am, clothes and all. They taste better with the clothes on. Muggle-Wump: Oh, you horrid. hoggish croc. You slimy creepy creature. I hope the buttons and buckles all stick in your throat, and choke you to death! Enormous: I eat monkeys too. Chorus: (quick as a flash he bit the tree) (Muggle-Wump jumped into the next tree) A bit farther on, the Enormous Crocodile met the Roly-Poly-Bird. The Roly-Poly-Bird was building a nest in an orange tree. Roly-Poly: Hello there, Enormous Crocodile. We don't often see you up here in the jungle. Enormous: Ah, I have secret plans and clever tricks. Roly-Poly: I hope it's not something nasty. Enormous: Nasty! Of course it's not nasty. It's delicious. It's luscios, it's super It's mushious, it's duper It's better than rotten old fish You mash it and munch it You chew it and crunch it! It's lovely to hear it go squiSh! Roly-Poly: It must be berries. Berries are my favorite food in the world. Is it raspberries, perhaps? Or could it be strawberries? Enormous: Ha Ha Ha! Crocodiles don't eat berries. We eat little boys and girls. And sometimes we eat Roly-Poly-Birds as well. Chorus: (Roly-Poly gave a chriek of terror and shot straight up into the air, leaving tail feathers in the crocodile's mouth) At last, the Enormous Crocodile came out of the other side of the jungle into the sunshine. He could see the town not far away. Enormous: Ho-ho. Ha Ha. That walk through the jungle has made me hungrier than ever. One child isn't going to be nearly enough for me today. I won't be full up until I've eaten at least three juicy little children! Forward toward the town! Chorus: The Enormous Crocodile crept over to a place where there were a lot of coconut trees. He knew that children from the town often came here looking for coconuts. The trees were too tall for them to climb, but there were always some coconuts on the ground that had fallen down. The Enormous Crocodile quickly collected all the coconuts that were lying on the ground. He also gathered together several fallen bran¬ches. Enormous: Now for Clever Trick Number One! It won't be long before I am eating the first part of my lunch! Chorus: He took all the coconut branches and held them between his teeth. He grasped the coconuts in his front paws. Then he stood straight up in the air, balancing himself on his tail. He had arranged the branches and the coconuts so cleverly that he now looked exactly like a small coconut tree standing among all the big coconut trees. Soon, two children came along. They were brother and sister. The boy was cal¬led Toto. His sister was called Mary. They walked¬ around looking for fallen coconuts but they couldn't find any, because the Enormous Croco¬dile had gathered them all up. Humpy-Rumpy: Look out! Toto! Look out Mary! That's not a coconut tree! It's the Enormous Crocodile and he wants to eat you up! Chorus: Humpy-Rumpy charged straight at the Enormous Crocodile. He caught him with his giant head and sent him tumbling and skidding over the ground. Enormous: Ow-eeee Help! stop! Where am I? Oh here, well I go to the chidren's playground. Time for Clever Trick Number TWO! This one is certain to work! Chorus: There were no children in the playground at that moment. They were all in school. The Enormous Crocodile found a big log and placed it in the middle of the playground. Then he lay across the log and tucked in his feet so that he looked almost exactly like a seesaw. When school was over, he children all carne running into the playground. Anna: Oh look! We've got a new seesaw! Elisabeth: Wow! A nice one. Bobby: It looks like a funny crocodile! Betty: I'll go first. Anna: I'll get on the other end. Elisabeth: I want to go first! Benjamin: So do I, so do Il! Babbet: It's rather a funny knobbly sort of a seesaw, isn't it? Do you think it'll be safe to sit on? All together: Of course it will! It looks strong as anything! Chorus: The Enormous Crocodile opened one eye just a tiny bit and watched the children who were crowding around him. Enormous: Mmmmm, soon, one of them is going to sit on my head, then I will give a jerk and a snap, and after that it will be yum yum yum. Muggle-Wump: Run! All of you run, run, run! That's not a seesaw! It's the Enormous Crocodile and he wants to eat you up! (children ran for their lives) (Muggle-Wump disappeared back into the jungle) Grrr Grnun Enormous: I am getting hungrier and hungrier! I shall have to eat four children before I am full up. Chorus: The Enormous Crocodile crept around the edge of the town, taking great care not to be seen. He came to a place where they were getting rady to have a fair. There were slides and swings and dodgem-cars and people selling popcorn and candy. There was also a big merry-go-round. Enormous: Now for Clever Trick Number Three (licking lips) Chorus: When no one was looking, he crept up on to the Merry-go-round and put himself between a wooden lion and a fearsome dragon. He sat up a bit on his back legs and he kept very still. He looked exactly like a wooden crocodile on the Merry-go-round. (Soon the children came) Anna: I'm going to ride on a dragon! Elisabeth: 11m going on a lovely white horse! Betty: I’m going on a lion. Jill: 11m going to ride on that funny old wooden crocodile! Chorus: The Enormous Crocodile kept very still, but he could see the little girl corning toward him. Enormous: Yummy-yum-yurn. I'll gulp her up easily in one glop. Roly Poly: Look out Jill Look out! Look out. Don't ride on that crocodile. (Jill stopped and loaded up) That's not a wooden crocodile! It's a real one! It’s the Enormous crocodile, from the river and he wants to eat you up! (Jill turned and ran, and all the other children) Enormous: I am so hungry now I could eat six children before I am full up. Chorus: Just outside the town, there was a pretty little field with trees and bushes all around it. This was called the Picnic Place. There were several wooden tables and long benches, and people were allowed to go there and have a picnic at any time. The Enormous Crocodile crept over the Picnic Place. There was no one in sight. Now for Clever Trick Number Four! So, I picked a lovely bunch of flowers, so now I put it on one of the tables. "Here you are" Up to the bushes! (He took away one of the benches and hid it in the bushes) Now I put myself in the place where the bench had been. Chorus: He made himself look very much like a long wooden bench with four legs. Soon, two boy's and two girls came along carrying baskets of food. They were all from one family. Bonny: Which table shall we sit at? Bobby: Let we take this one, near the footballplace. Mary: Let's take the table with the lovely flowers on it. Mother: That's a good idee. Barbara: Yes, that's a good idee! Enormous: They will come and sit on my back and I will swizzle my head around quickly and after that it'll be squish, crunch, gallop. Trunky: That's not a bench you were going to sit on! It's the Enormous Crocodile, and he wants to eat you all up! Chorus: Trunky trotted over the spot where the Enormous Crocodile was standing, and quick as a flash he wrapped his trunk round the Crocodile's tail and hoisted him up into the air. Enormous: Hey! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Trunky: No! I will not let you go! We've all had quite enough of you and your clever tricks. Chorus: Trunky began to swing the crocodile round and round in the air. At first he swung him slowly Then he swung him faster And faster . And faster . And faster! And faster still ... Soon the Enormous Crocodile was just a blurry circle going round and round Trunky's head. Suddenly, Trunky let go of the Crocodile's tail, and the Crocodile went shooting high up into the sky like a huge green racket. Up and up he went Higher and higher Faster and faster He was going so fast and so high that soon the earth was just a tiny dot miles below. He whizzed on and on He whizzed far into space He whizzed past stars and planets Until at last With the most tremendous BANG The Enormous Crocodile crashed headfirst into the hot hot sun And he was sizzled up like a sausage!

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