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Subject: English, asked on 3/3/18

Plz answer me these 10 questions....

Q. Fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns.

     1. Except Ruhi and __________. everyone else arrived late at the movies.
             (a) 1            (b) me

     2. Ravi was very helpful to ___________ when we went trekking in the mountains.
           (a) us, (b) ourselves

     3. We really enjoyed ___________ on the trip to Manali last month. 
           (a) us , (b) ourselves

     4. His friends did not appreciate ___________ going to the fair alone.
           (a) his,      (b) himself

     5. Please bring some cotton for your ears if you do not want to be bored by _______________ continuous chatter on the trip.
           (a) his        (b) him

    6. As our driver had fever, Naman and _________ offered to drive the car for the rest of the journey.
          (a) mine,    (b) 1

    7. One of __________ will have to speak to the travel agent and make arrangements for the trip.
           (a) you, (b) your

    8. We must reach the airport on on time, or else ____________ will miss the fight. 
           (a) we, (b) us

    9. It was ______________ who wanted to go to the mountains instead of the beach.
            (a) Himself              (b) he 

    10. Two of the group members, including ___________. have offered to make food and travel arrangements for the trip. 

             (a) he,                  (b) him

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