Subject: English, asked on 6/3/14

Nikhil said, I will come tomorrow.

2. My mother said, The servant has not come today.

3. The teacher said, Pallavi may get through.

4. The teacher will say, Rama will pass.

5. Paras said, I have passed the examination.

6. He said, We are going for a picnic today.

7. The teacher said, Aarti does not work hard.

8. She said, Snow fell last night.

9. She said, Aayush is working hard.

10. The teacher says, Rohit will pass.

11. She said, I have been writing for an hour.

12. Rita said, The girls were singing in the music period.

13. The teacher says, Sehaj does not work hard.

14. I said to her, I can solve the sum.

15. Aman said, Vinay may not come to school today.

16. The teacher said, The earth is round.

17. He said to his friend, My sister has written a letter.

18. The priest said, God is great.

19. Arjun said, I can play sitar.

20. Mohan said, My sister has been studying since morning.

21. We said, We ran very hard.

22. They said to me, We cannot help you now.

23. Sambhav said, My father is writing a letter.

24. She said to me, I will go to the library tomorrow.

25. He said, Iron is one of the most useful metals.

26. He said to his mother, I am unwell.

27. She said, I walk to school every day.

28. The father said, Sonal will pass.

29. The monitor said, The boys were playing football.

30. She said to me, I don't believe you.

31. Rohan said to his sister, I may go to Apno Ghar today.

32. The waiter says, Food is ready.

33. He said, This is my car.

34. Swati said, The boys are playing cricket.

35. She said, These apples are delicious.

Subject: English, asked on 1/12/11

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