0.32 (bar on 2) express in form of p/q

Dear student,Q. Represent 0.732¯Sol.  let x= 0.732¯    .........(i)Multiplying both sides by 10.    so 10x= 7.32¯       ..........(ii)Multiplying both sides by 100 again.  1000x=732.32¯        ...........(iii) subtracting (ii) from (iii) , we get;1000x-10x=732.32¯-7.32¯  990x=725 so, x=725990      x=145198 Regards 

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let x=0.32

so 10x=3.2


subtracting both


90x=29 so, x=29/90 ans.

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i will tell you an easy method, which can be applied to any problem like this. it can help you in exam to verify your problems.

let us take a polynomial 10.036(bar on 6)

now, you will have to take all the digits subtacted by all the digits except the bar (you do not have to keep the decimal) divided by as many nines as there are recurring digits i.e. numbers with bar followed as many zeros as there are non-recurring digits(after the decimal)

so, 10036 - 1003 / 900

= 9033 / 900 = 3011 / 300

so, now we come to your problem. the solution is simple-

32 - 3 / 90

= 29 / 90

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