01. How are Mr Lamband Derek so similar yet so different?
Q2. Derek found a new life of a meaningful and joyful existence due to Mr. Lamb's kindness and
concern. Motivated by Mr. Lamb's approach, write an article emphasizing the role of the values of
optimism, fellow-feeling, brotherhood and compassion in making the world a better place to live in.
3.What kind of life did MrLamb live? What do you think was its mission?
4.What lesson do you learn from the story "On the Face Of It"?

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:

Answer 1: Derry was a teenaged boy with a pessimistic and cynical attitude towards life. He was reserved and withdrawn because how society treated him. His face had been disfigured by acid and that is the reason why he avoided the company of others because he thought of himself as a monstrosity. He chose to be lonely because he was sick of the insensitivity of people around him. He believed that no one loved him and even his mother loved him because she was biologically programmed to do so, it was her duty rather than her will to love him. Derry's parents feared that he would not be able to lie if they died because of his deformities which would get the better of him. Derry had come to the conclusion that since his physicality caused repulsion in others, the world would never take to him and so he had developed this attitude of pessimism. He stayed away from others and immersed himself in his cocoon of misery. Mr. Lamb was an old man with a tin leg who was ridiculed by callous children as 'Lamey Lamb. 'However, Mr Lamb's deformity had made him develop a positive attitude, unlike Derry. He worked hard to rise against all adversities, he had learned to walk and climb ladders, he made friends with everyone and lived in a house with no curtains and open doors, welcoming one and all who came his way. He took his deformity as a challenge because he believed human beauty lied in inner strength rather than outward appearance.

Answer 3: Mr. Lamb lived a carefree and content life. He did not bother about what the world had to say about his tin leg. He was aware of what people used to think about him but he enjoyed living in his house alone and welcomed people who trespassed his garden. He grew apples in his garden and made jam for the kids.

Answer 4: We learn that we should not bother about what the world thinks about us or feels about our appearance. We should do our bit and live our life with complete freedom because people will talk about you only till the time you let them comment on you. It tells us that we should free ourselves from the shackles of societal pressure and prejudices and only then would we be able to live happily.

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