01 The quality of population depends upon the literacy rate and health of a person. Do you agree with this statement? How has literacy level increased in the last few decades?

Definitely, quality of population is all about the health and literacy of  the population. Healthy and literate people make a good society and good living standards. First,a better health means people have enough money to feed themselves and to take care of themselves. A healthy person is anytime more efficient and productive than a sick and malnourished person.So,quality of population rises with rise in health standards. Secondly,literacy level suggests a lot. An literate person is more aware than illiterate one.One who is literate would know the available medical facilities,would know what is going on in his/her country and would be able to make better decisions than illiterates. Philosophically, literate people makes the world a better place to live in.

The literacy rate is around 73% and has risen as compared to 64% in 2001.The gap between the urban and rural literacy has also declined. Literacy among women has grown.

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