011. How did the burnt face affect Derek's behaviour?
012. How did Mr Lambcome to be called lamey-Lamb?
Q13. Why does Derek feel no one will kiss him? Why does he hate being kissed by his mother?
014. What lesson, according to Mr Lamb should Derek have learnt from the conversation of the two women in the street?
o15. "You're... peculiar."Why does Derek make this remark in respect of Mr Lamb?
016. Why would Derek not have come into the garden if he had seen Mr Lamb?

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:

Answer 11: Derry had a half burnt face and because of this he did not like to be around people. He had often overheard people talking about his face and calling it an unpleasant thing. This had affected him and his confidence terribly. He felt that everybody was the same and nobody would ever be welcoming towards him. Hence, he had created a wall around himself, which Mr. Lamb could successfully mange to shatter.

Answer 12: Mr. Lamb had lost his leg in a bomb blast. Children called Mr. Lamb ‘Lamey Lamb because he was old and had a tin leg. Although children tease him, but they still come to Mr. Lamb's garden.

Answer 13: Derry believed that no one would kiss him because his face had been disfigured by acid and most people found his appearance  revolting. He believed that only his mother would kiss him and that too on the other side of the face. He did not like it when his mother kissed him because he felt that she did so because she had to as his mother and not out of affection.

Answer 16: Derry would not have come into the garden if he had seen Mr Lamb because people were scared of him, the way he looked because of his damaged face. They would either say it was bad or it was a terrible thing to have happened but in their eyes, he would not find compassion, just a distaste for something they might have considered to be the ugliest thing they ever saw. So, Derry avoided company.

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