3.Meaning of denizens and chvalric
4.what are the ordeals aunt jennifer is surrounded by?what is the significance of word "ringed"?what is the meaning of ringed in the poem?
5.of or what aunt jennifer is terrified in 3rd stanza?
Plz experts answer in one go and tell me briefly..
7.They pace in sleek chivalric certainity means?

Dear student,

3. Animals naturalised in a region or the inhabitants of a particular region are called denizens.
The exceptional heroic courage when facing danger is termed as chivalry.

4. Aunt Jennifer has been living her life in accordance with the rules laid down by her husband. Her life lacks expression and is overburdened by the demands and duties of her married life. Although old and weak, she still has to face oppression by her husband. These are the ordeals that the poet talks about.
The use of the word 'ringed', in the poem, is significant and appropriate because it correctly represents the vicious circle from which Aunt Jennifer is unable to free herself. The word 'ringed' not only indicates that she is wearing her wedding ring but also that she is bound by the responsibilities, fear and oppression of her marriage for entire life and probably, after it too.

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