1) A few members went along with the Secretary. (Use: Accompanied)

2) The Manager claimed that he had said nothing about the wages. (Begin: The Manager denied....)

3) None of us should tolerate intellectual dishonesty. (End: ....tolerated)

4) "What will be the outcome of such a disastrous plan?"Mr. Gupta asked himself. (Begin: Mr. Gupta wondered....)

5) ​He had only jusy reached the station when there was a terrible explosion. (Begin: Hardly....)

6) That is all I can tell you about him. (Begin: Beyond....)

7) The new regulation made the employees happy. (End:....employees)

8) Raju got asthma because he started smoking. (Begin: If....)

Dear Student,
  1. A few members accompanied the secretary.
  2. The Manager denied having said anything about the wages.
  3. Intellectual dishonesty should not be tolerated.
  4. Mr. Gupta wondered, “What will be the outcome of such a disastrous plan.”
  5. Hardly had he reached the station there was a terrible explosion.
  6. Beyond that, I cannot tell you about him.
  7. The new regulation was received happily by the employees.​
  8. If Raju would not have started smoking, he would not have got asthma.

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