1. a transistor is sold for Rs 350. If sales tax account for 1/10 of this and profit is 1/5 of the remainder, find the cost price of the transistor.

2. a publisher sells a book for Rs 216 at a profit of 20%. If the cost of production increases by 30%, find the increase in the price of the book so that the profit percentage of the publisher remains same.

3. a man bought 40 articles at RS 150 each. He sold 25 of them at a loss of 10%. at what price each must he sell the remaining articles so as to gain 20% on the whole?

4. Rao bought goods worth Rs 800. He sold 1/4 of it at a gain of 12% and 1/2 of it at a loss of 10%. at what profit percentage he should sell the remaining goods so as to gain 8% on the whole transaction.

5. a manufacturer makes a profit of 15% by selling a TV for Rs 5750. If the cost of manufacturing increases by 30% and the price paid by the retailer is increased by 20% find the profit percent made by the manufacturer.

6. david lost 10% by selling an article for Rs 2700. At what price he would have sold to gain 18%.

7. the cost of manufacturing of an article is made up of materials, labour and overheads in the ratio 4:3:2. if the cost of labour is Rs 45, find the total cost of the article. Find the profit percent if the article is sold for 180.

8. a manufacturer estimates that on inspection 12% of the articles will be rejected. He accepts an order to supply 22000 articles at Rs 7.50 each. Calculate the least no of articles he must manufacture to ensure the completion of the order. He estimates the profit on his outlay including the manufacture of rejected articles to be 20%. find the cost of manufacturing of each articles.

1) A transistor is sold  = 350 Rs.

so sales tax = 1/10 of 350

 = (1/10) * (350)

 =35  Rs.

selling price of the transistor  = 350 - 35

 =  315 Rs.

profit = 1/5 of 315

 = 63 Rs.

so cost price of transistor = selling price of the transistor - profit

 = 315 - 63

 = 252 Rs.

Cost price = 252 Rs.

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