1. A woman is wearing sharp-heeled shoes. If the mass of the woman is 50 kg. And the area of one heel is 1 cm2.calculate the pressure exerted on the ground when the woman stands on just one heel. (g=10 m/s)

The force will be the weight of woman which is given by m x g (where m is the mass of woman and g is the acceleration due to gravity). So

Force = m x g

Weight = 50 x 10 N

 = 500 N

And  Area = 1cm2 = 1/10,000 m2

Pressure = Force/area

 = 500 x 10,000/1 

Pressure = 5000,000 N/ m2

Thus the pressure exerted of area 1cm2 is  5000,000 N/ m2 which is a very large pressure.

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