1. Agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy though its share in the Gross Domestic Product has registered a declining trend from 1951 onwards; yet its share in providing employment and livelihood to the population continues to be as high as 63 per cent in 2001. (a) What can be done to increase the share of agriculture in the Gross Domestic Product? (b) What values does the paragraph exhibit? ​

 Agriculture sector is indispensable part of every economy as it guarantees food security. We can increase its share in GDP by encouraging greater investment, having well placed irrigation system providing assistance to farmers, encouraging diversified cropping patterns, protecting farmers from international competition.

Instead of increasing the share of agriculture in GDP, we should focus on reducing the share of people employed in agriculture. Agriculture employment is mostly low productive. Hence, if a large proportion of people are employed in agriculture, it means that there will be widespread poverty. To increase prosperity, greater share of employment needs to come from manufacturing and services.

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Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. It includes all those activities which are related to the cultivation of land for production of crops i.e., food crops (rice and wheat) and non-food crops (jute and cotton).
The Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12) emphasises that agricultural development is necessary for rapid economic development of the country.
The main features of Indian agriculture are :
(i) Agricultural output depends largely on rainfall and other natural factors like floods,droughts, storms, etc.
(ii) The historical, social and cultural background of state affects agricultural output.
(iii) Over three-fourth of land holdings are of small size. Thus, agriculture is a source of livelihood for poor farmers

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