1. Can a body have energy without momentum ????

2. Can a body have momentum without energy ?????

plzz ans. with explanation ???

Yes, a body can have energy without possessing momentum.
A body may have potential energy and still can be at rest. This means it would have zero momentum and still it could possess energy.
E.g. A brick placed on the top of a building has a PE = mgh, but has got no momentum because it is not moving.

A body possessing momentum (p) would have a certain velocity associated with it (as p = mv). This in turns means that it would definitely have some kinetic energy (as E = 1/2mv 2 ) as well, which would be always.

So, it is impossible for a body to have momentum without energy (at least classically). They both go hand in hand.

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yes , 

if u think of potential energy it require 3 things 

  1. mass
  2. height 
  3. gravity 

 but , if u look at momentum  it requires only 

  1. mass
  2. velocity 

but, in potential energy , mass only satisfy need of momentum

no other fulfil place of velocity

so , my answer is yes

may  this answer help u

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