1) Does Air Pressure Helps The Birds To Fly?How?

2)Aeroplanes do not flap their wings like birds.How Do they lift up?

3)How Does Vaccum Cleaner work?

1. Yes, air pressure helps birds to fly. Birds fly in air with three distinctive mechanism, first they flap their wings which generates thrust downwards this results in higher pressure downwards and it gets a reaction upwards. Secondly, bird also use the air foil principle under which high velocity wind passes above their wings compared with the speed of air below the wings. This generates a lift due to difference in pressure. Thirdly birds when very high up in the sky they glide with their wings.

2. Aeroplanes use the principle to airfoil to fly under which high velocity wind passes above their wings compared with the speed of air below the wings as velocity increases pressure decreases and vice versa. As it has been said air speed is higher above the wings thus there is a lowering of pressure and downwards there is an increase of pressure. This difference of pressure lifts up the aeroplane. As because the air is constantly made to pass plane‚Äôs wings by its engine it  does not need flapping.

3. Vacuum cleaner creates a lower pressure in the forward region of its suction nozzle and this results in high velocity wind to get into the cleaner. This wind carries of the dust with it also inside the cleaner tank and cleans the room.  

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1 yes air pressure helps the birds to fly

2 by air pressure

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1.not wholy but they aso use their wings 2 fly

2.have seen areoplane whily sitting on window seet ? notice dat 1 it go bends downwards then upwards...it also take help of air pressure while balancing

3.when attach vaccum clear with electic supplier it produses air pressura through which dust get attracted by wind n collected in vaccum::::

  hpope this will help u 4 exams ol de best......

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sorry i wrote aso instead of also

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yes air pressure help the birds to fly

aeroplane thrust help it to fly in air 

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