1.Explain this line the value added in the government sector is equal to the compensation of employees only it is because the data regarding rent in interest or not available for this sector and profit just does not exist because all that is produced is meant for collective consumption not for sale in the market.

2. Govt spend on child immunization program. Analyse its impact on GDP and welfare of the people

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2) As government spends on child immunization programme it leads to increase in society's welfare. It is in the sense that if complete immunization is provided to children of a national, then it prevents them from the deadly diseases and there will be drastic reductions in the number of a child falling ill. This then checks absenteeism and drop out ratios from school. Complete vaccination also helps to reduce premature deaths. All these factors contribute to superior human capital, which ensures the better utilization of physical resources. With a higher probability of getting employed, there would be greater participation in the production and output will be produced. Hence, it will raise the GDP and welfare of the country in long run.

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