1 )Find number of gram atom, no.of gram molecule in 40g of oxygen gas (at mass O=16)

2) Find no. of He atom in sample of helium weighing 54amu (He=4)

3)Find the no. of atoms of each type in 3.42g of C12H22O11.

4)Find no. of SO2 molecules in 4.48lt at STP.

5)Find no. of electrons in 3.2g of CH2.

6)Find no.of moles of carbon in 3 moles of K4{Fe(CN)6}

7) 2*1021 of x weigh 2g find molar mass.

8)Find the weight of NH3 which has the same no. of atoms as in 3.6g of H2O.

9)Chlorophyll contains 20% Mg by weight. Find the no. of Mg atoms in 40g of chlorophyll.

10) Find weight of 50ml of SO2 under STP.

11)Find weight of 6 moles of H2SO4 and 1021 molecules of CO2.

12)Find no. of nuetrons in 3.6g of H2O.

13)Find no. of electrons in 40g of CO3 2-

14) Find weight of oxygen present in 6 moles of Na2SO4.10H2O

15) 20ml of H2O evaporate in 1 hour. Find no. of water molecules escaping in one second.

16)If a person spends one million rupees daily, find no. of years it would take him to spend avagadro no. of rupees.

17) If 3.22g of Na2SO4.xH2O has 6.022*1022 molecules of water. What is the values of x?

1) Atomic mass of oxygen = 16u
Given mass of oxygen = 40g
Number of gram atoms in 16g of oxygen = 1 gram atom

Number of gram atoms in 40g of oxygen = 116×40 = 2.5 gram atoms

Number of gram molecules in 32g of oxygen = 1 gram molecule.

Number of gram molecules in 40g of oxygen = 132×40 = 1.25 gram molecules

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