1)give two similarities between a human eye and a camera?

2)how is the vision of eye related to nutriton?

3)what kind of lens is used to correct short sighted eyes?

4)what do you understand by spectrum?

5) how is permanent blindness caused?

1.)The similarities between your eye and a camera are that they both save images, they both have lenses, and they both come in all different sizes and colors.Well, one thing is focus. When you look at something far away, notice that anything close becomes blurry. And when you look at something close, that anything far away becomes blurry too. This is because your eyes are focusing, and that's basically what a camera does, is focus.

2.)To take care of our eyes we need all the nutrients or vitamins nessescary and thus proper vision needs proper nutrition.

3.)Short-sightedness, known medically as myopia, is a common vision problem. A concave lens is thinner at its centre than at its edges, and so is used to correct short-sightedness or myopia.

4.)By refraction of light after rain or by using a prism,we see that light is made up of seven colours,this band of colours is called Spectrum.

5.)Permanent blindness can be caused in a lot of different ways. There isn't really a way to put it. If something bad happened to all or part of your eye, depending on how bad it was would cause permanent blindness.

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1. Both cameras and eyes have lenses that can focus and will project an image ( upside down ) of what they are looking at, and the Pupil from an human eye can expand or contract to adjust the amount of light that enters, this is the same as the shutter of a camera.

Short sightedness can be corrected by wearing spectacle having suitable concave lens. This concave lens helps the light, coming from the object, to diverge.


sorry i don't know the answers for the questions 2,4,5

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Ans.1) Human eyeand camera are related to each other because:pupil in our eye contracts and relaxes to control the amount of light entering the eye just like a shutter in a camera

Ans.2) If we take proper nutrition  then we will get proper vision hence,vision of eye is relaated to nutrition.

Ans.3) Concave lenses

Ans.4) The band if 7 colours which is formed by the dispersion of white light by glass prism is called spectrum.

Ans.5) by cataract. 

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