1) How did Louis Pasteur disprove spontaneous generation theory?
2)What is adaptive radiation? Explain with an example.

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2.  adaptive radiation is an example of divergent evolution.it is an evolution of different species from a single point radiating in different geographical area.

example..darwin's finches
they are seen in galapogan's island
they are small birds and there are 20 types of them.
variations was seen in their beaks
later it was concluded that......... they can't interbreed among themselves

conclusion:they had a common ancestor
b'cz  galapogans was a microhabitat,beak was modified on the basis of what they eat.for egs:seed eater,gram.nut or insect eater....the ancestor was concluded to be a seed eater.

another examples are........australian marsupials  , placental mammals etc..........
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Hi Trixie as alby has given the answer of second question I will go with the first one.
Actually the theory of spontaneous generation said that life arouse from non-living objects like soil,stone,etc,. Louis Pasteur did an experiment with killed yeast one closed and one open to air flask and he observed that life arouse from flask which was exposed to air thus he concluded that life arouse only from pre-existing life and the theory of spontaneous generation was discarded once for all.
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