1)How does the author pass his time in Kathmandu?

2)How is the flute sellers life different from that of other sellers?

3)What observation did the author make about the flute seller?

4)Describe the busy streets of Kathmandu and the religious nature of   the people?

5)Give a brief ddescription of kathmandu bazzar?


1. The author visits the market place in Kathmandu. He observes things and people.

2. The flute seller occasionally makes his sale and breaks off to talk to the fruit seller. He does not shout out his wares. He doesn't look much interested in selling or making money. He is rather interested in playing the flute slowly, without excessive display. 

3. The author observes the fruit seller standing in a corner near a hotel. The sound of the flute that he plays, rises above the noise of the traffic and the hawker's cries.  

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