1.how will you seprate immiscible liquids

2.list any five charestricsofliving organisms

3.name the method to use sand and water

i want the answers only rom the science expert ankita aarwal

Dear Student,

1.Two immiscible liquids can be separated from each other by using a separating funnel. This method of separation is based on the difference in densities of the liquids. Let me quote an example for you. Consider a mixture of kerosene oil and water. Pour this mixture into a separating funnel from the top. Close the mouth of the funnel and shake the mixture vigorously. Then allow it to settle for a while. You will notice that oil being less dense floats over water. On the other hand, water makes up the lower level as it is denser. Now, open the stopcock. Water will first come out. Collect it n a beaker. Close the stopcock when all the water has eluted. In this way the mixture of kerosene oil and water gets separated. The following diagram illustrates this process.

2. Five characteristics of living organisms are:

  1. They can reproduce
  2. They can grow
  3. They can feel
  4. They can breathe
  5. They need food

3. Your third query is not clear. I suppose you want to ask the method for separating sand and water. If yes, then here is the answer.
Sand and water can be separated by using methods such as sedimentation, decantation, and filtration. The other method that can also be used is evaporation.

Hope this answer will help you :)

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