1 hz = how many decibels?

There is no relation between the two units.
Decibel (dB) is a ratio, it is actually unit less. It is the ratio of the output value to input value. It is systems gain.
Therefore, there is no conversion to hertz, as that is a frequency.
 You might find in some text that there are decibel figures given for a particular frequency, to show gain over a frequency spectrum.
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Impossible question, like asking "One Apple is equal to how many oranges"

Simply set :
Decibels it the unit of volume, how loud things go
hertz is how fast things change, the frequency (number of changes per second).

When you talk about music, different frequencies can have a different volume. You can even measure the volume in frequency ranges - look up : paragraphic equalizer for the principle.

+db= 10*log(p2/p1)
+db= 10*log(2watts/1watt)
+db= 10*log(2)
+db= 10*.30103
+3.0103= 10*log(2watts/1watt)

so double the power you gain 3db's

so double the sound you gain 30dbs and p2 is 1000 times p1

+db= 10*log(p2/p1)
+db= 10*log(1000watts/1watt)
+db= 10*log(1000)
+30= 10*3

test signal say 60 Hz..............

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