1.It is best to use a census while conducting a survey if:(1 Point)

2.While students are lined up for school picture, a teacher passes on a survey to every 10th student. What type of sampling is this?(1 Point)

3.Workers getting jobs in a new metro project would be illustrated through:(1 Point)

4.points lying ______________ the production possibilities curve are attainable, reflecting less total output that can be produced.(1 Point)

5.Standing in a parking area and asking people to answer questions would be an example of _____________________ sampling(1 Point)

6.A resource having no alternative use will have:(1 Point)

7.Which of the following is true for statistics:(1 Point)

8.Which of the following is a merit of direct personal investigation(1 Point)

Dear Student

1. The population is large.
2. Systematic random sampling
4. inside 
5. Convenience sampling

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