1. Let’s look at the words at the end of the second and fourth lines, viz., ‘snows’ and ‘clothes’, true’ and ‘you’, ‘below’ and ‘know’. We find that ‘snows’ rhymes with ‘clothes’, ‘true’ rhymes with ‘you’ and ‘below’ rhymes with ‘know’.

Find more such rhyming words.

2. Go to the local library or talk to older persons in your locality and find legends in your own language. Tell the class these legends.

1. A few rhyming words used in the poem are:

‘Earth’ and ‘hearth’

‘Done’ and ‘one’

‘Lay’ and ‘away’

‘Flat’ and ‘that’

‘Myself’ and ‘shelf’

‘Faint’ and ‘saint’

‘Form’ and ‘warm’

‘Food’ and ‘wood’

‘Word’ and ‘bird’

‘Same’ and ‘flame’

2. Once my grandfather told me a legend about the great Sufi poet Kabir Das's last rites. There is some dispute among the Hindus and Muslims whether Kabir was born in a Muslim weaver family or as a Hindu Brahmin. Likewise, at the time of his death, Hindus and Muslims fought among themselves for the right to perform his last rites. It is said that when they lifted his shroud, they found nothing but flowers, which they distributed among themselves. Thus, even after his death, Kabir delivered his message to humanity that “God is one”. Accordingly, his Mazar and Samadhi were constructed side by side.

(A model answer has been provided for students' reference. It is strongly recommended that students conduct a research on their own and prepare the answer based on it.)

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