1. List three characteristics of a plasmid.

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Plasmids are extra chromosomal DNA present in bacterial cell.
Following are the characteristics:
​​​​​​1. Plasmids are self autonomous replicating body. It means that they have the capability to divide on their own and produce their copies. They are not dependent on the main genetic material for their replication. This enables them to produce their copies in isolation of the main genetic material also.
2. They have resistance gene markers. For example if bacteria has Kanamycin (antibiotic) resistant marker then it can grow in presence of Kanamycin also. 
3. Plasmids have MCS
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A multiple cloning site (MCS, or Polylinker region) is a DNA region within a Plasmid that contains multiple unique Restriction enzyme cut sites and it allows for foreign DNA to be inserted into the plasmid.

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