1) Name some of the damaging effects of the ultraviolet rays on the animal and plant life on the earth.

2) Give reason:-

a)Water is rarely available in pure form.

b) Terrestrial life-forms require fresh water.

3) What is the most unique feature of water.

4) How is ozone layer formed?

5) Which component of air has the highest solubility in water?

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1. Effect of UV..

  •  UV radiation causes skin cancer in animals.
  •  UV radiation when comes in contact with DNA of an organism, causes mutation.
  • UV radiations burn leaves of plant. 

3. Most unique feature of water is that it can dissolve almost everything in it.

4. In stratosphere, UV radiations act on oxygen molecule and split them into free oxygen atoms.

these free atoms combine with oxygen molecules to form ozone.

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1.skin burns

skin cancer

drying plants

evaporating seas and lakes


a.water is rarely pure because water is a universal solvent and can dissolve almost everything except a few.

b.salt water in large amounts might cause even death in humans.terrestrial life forms require fresh water because they do not tolerate or get rid high amount of dissolved salt in saline water. thus, water is easy accessible for animals and plants to survive on land

c.height heat body resistant

height heat of evaporation 
universal dissolve substance 
strong cohesive tension 
ice float cause it is less dense than water.

d.ozone is formed of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds.




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