Q Arrange the following into meaningful sentences.

1. (a) never/himself/large/solutions/economic/with/Gandhiji/political/or/contented 
    (b) backwardness/wanted/immediately/cultural/Gandhiji/and/social/seeing/the/do/something/to 
    (c) doctor/for/got/to/his/months/services/Gandhiji/a/volunteer/six 

a) Gandhiji never contended himself with large political or economic solutions.
b) Gandhiji wanted to do something immediately seeing the social and cultural backwardness.
c) Gandhiji got a doctor to volunteer for his six months services.

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Dear student , Here is the answer for your query 1.Gandhiji, never himself contented large political or economic solutions Please like this answer if u found it meaningful
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