1. Special phenomenon by which liquid is absorbed by the living or dead cells
2. Part which contributes majorly in process of transpiration
3. Function of endodermis
4. Phenomenon of contraction of cytoplasm from cell wall
5. Q.2(a) in the picture

2. (a) Given below is an outline of the plant cell showing different pressure exerted on it when placed in a solution.

(i) Name the parts labelled as A, B and C respectively.
(ii) What will happen if this plant cell is placed in a hypertonic solution?
(iii) Consider the given plant cell and answer that in which solution this cell is placed.
(iv) Explain the process of plasmolysis and flaccid.

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1. Imbibition is the phenomenon by which liquid is absorbed by the living or dead cells.

2. Part of the plant mainly involved in transpiration is a leaf.

3. Endodermis is the innermost layer of cells lying between the cortex and the vascular tissue. It has a strip of water proof material (suberin) known as the casparian strip that forces water through the endodermal cells and in such a way regulates the amount of water entering the xylem. 

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