1) Turmeric indicator does not indicate weather the substance is acidic or neutral. Is the statement true? explain.

2) If you get turmeric stains on your clothes while eating food, try to wash it off with soap, the stain becomes red. Why ? Find out how to remove haldi stains from clothes.

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Turmeric changes its color only in basic medium.  It turns to reddish brown in basic medium while in acidic medium there is no change in color.
for eg : when a drop of soap solution is dropped on turmeric stain on cloth it turns to reddish brown stain indicating basic nature of soap .

To remove turmeric stains :
Squeeze lemon or lime juice on the stain and leave it for 10 minutes. The lemon juice will neutralize the stain. We can use vinegar also to remove the stain . Then wash it with washing powder .You will see the stains are removed.


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1 ans:Turmuric indicator is a basic indicator however it can be used to indicate acids. the process are-

i) take a turmeric paper and dip it in a base. we will see that it will turn red, the presence of base makes it red.

ii)now dip the same turmeric paper in a acidic solution. we will observe that the turmuric paper turns red to yellow again.

this is how we identify acids by the use of turmuric paper.

2 ans: We know soap is a base and turmuric is a basic indicator. so when we apply soap in the turmeric stain the stain transforms from its yellow colour to red colour. the best way to remove haldhi stains from clothes are to apply lemon juice in it and wash it with a detergent.

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bases turn the yellow paper red while acids and neutral substances like sugar solution show no effect. so , yellow turmeric paper is an indicator to identify basic solution (bases).

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