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1)Two opposite angles of a parallelogram are (3x-2) and (50-x).Find the measure of each angle of the palallelogram.
2) IF an angle of a parallelogram is 2/3 of its adjacent angle,find the measure of the parallelogram.

3)Find measures of all the angles of the parallelogram,if one angle is 24 degree less than twice the shorter side.


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1. Here is the link to the answer for your query.



Let the smallest angle be = x0

As we know that in a IIgm opposite angles are equal

Therefore, there will be two angles with x0 each.

Since it is given that one angel is 24 degree less than twice the smallest angle, which gives 2x-24

Sum of all angles of parallelogram is =360

Therefore, we get






Therefore, the smallest angle is of 680 .

And other angle = 2x-24=2 x 68-24=112

Hence angles of the parallelogram are : 112, 112, 68, 68.

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