1.What are layers and broilers in a poultry farm?

2.Do hens lay fertilized eggs?

3.How can you obtain fertilised and infertilised eggs?

4.Are the eggs that we get in the stores fertilised or infertilised.

Answer 1) 

Layers are the hens which are raised for production of eggs. These are the varieties of hens which lay good quality eggs in large numbers.

Broilers are the hens which are raised for met production. These are the varieties of poultry from which high quality meat is obtained in high amounts.

Answer 2)

Hens lay fertilized eggs only when they have mated with the rooster. In most of the cases in poultry farms, the hens are not allowed to mate with rooster so, the eggs they lay are unfertilized.

Answer 3)

Fertilized eggs are obtained after the hen has mated with the rooster, while unfertilized are obtained without mating.

Answer 4)

Eggs which are sold in stores are generally unfertilized. 

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2. It depends sometimes the egg is fertilized and sometimes it isn't .......

3. Eggs we eat are infertilized !!!!!

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1.Generally, two types of chicken are grown in poultry farming. They are layers and broilers. The layers are grown only to lay eggs, whereas the broilers are grown for flesh. More or less, both layers and broilers require similar type of equipment and facilities.

2. yes, hens lay fertilized eggs, but only if she has mated with a rooster. If she hasn't, the egg isn't fertilized.

3.A hen lays eggs irrespective of the presence of a rooster (cock), the eggs are called unfertilized eggs and will never possibly give rise to a baby chick.

The eggs are called fertilized eggs when the rooster has mated with the hen and the eggs hatch to give rise to baby chick.

4.They are unfertilised.The reason that hens lay unfertilized eggs is because in large hen houses where they produce the eggs the hens live their lives in tiny cages placed in rows upon rows of other hens and just sit there for their entire lives laying eggs. They never meet up with a rooster so the egg never gets fertilized.

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