1. What happend when 2 pins are attracted to a bar magnet and u bring aonther bar magnet to towards the pins

A) with the same pole B) with the opposite pole.

write me ur observation and state the reason pls.

2. Hold the first pin attaracted to the magnet and detach it from the magnet by holding it tight

a) what happend to the remaining pin.

b) what happend when the magnet is moved away.

c)How long does this effect remain ?

d) What do u infer ?

3.A note of any other observation of your inference ?

  1. Suppose two pins are attracted to the bar magnet by the north pole of the bar magnet. Then when another bar magnet is brought near it with the same north pole, the pin will start repulsing.

 With same pole pin will repel B) with opposite pole pin will attract.

When an iron/steel pin is brought in contact with a magnet, it starts behaving like a magnet. As like poles repel and unlike poles attract so the pins will do the same.


 2. This question is not clear

 3. The pins will retain a weak magnetic property after the magnets are moved away permanently for some time.


 Inference: Pins retain some magnetic property when kept in touch with magnets for some time.  

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