1. What is Old Regime ?

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The term Old Regime is generally used to portray the general public and organizations of France before 1789. The term Old Regime used to depict the Political and social arrangement of France preceding the French Revolution. Under the system, everybody was a subject of the King of France just as an individual from Estate and a province. 
In France of the Old Regime, the ruler didn't have the ability to force taxes and duties as per his wish alone. Rather he needed to assemble a meeting of the Estates-General which would then pass his proposition for new taxes. The Estates-General was a political body to which the three estates sent their delegates.
The last king before French Revolution was Louis VI. After that, the overlordship of the king was overthrown by the people during the French Revolution (1789-1799)

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The term old Regime is usually used to describe the society and institutions of France before 1789. France was a monarchy under the old regime.
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