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1. ‘When France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches cold’. These were the words of

(A) Lord Byron (B) Metternich (C) Johan Godfried (D) Louis Philippe
The Tonkin Free School was started in 1907 in Vietnam ---
(A) To provide a western style education
(B) To provide modern education
(C) To provide education to Vietnamese
(D) To provide basic education to Vietnamese 1
2. In which one of the following Indian National Congress sessions the demand for Purna
Swaraj was adopted?
(A) Nagpur (B) Calcutta (C) Lahore (D) Madras 1
3. The largest bauxite producing state in India is
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Orissa (C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Jharkand 1
4. Which city has emerged as the electronic capital of India?
(A) Mumbai (B) Delhi (C) Bangalore (D) Hyderabad 1
5. Which mode of transportation reduces trans shipment losses and delays?
(A) Railways (B) Pipe lines (C) Road ways (D) Water ways 1
6. The protest against water privatisation in Bolivia was led by an organisation called
(A) NAPM (B) FEDECOR (C) BAMCEF (D) None of the above 1
7. The concept of Hindutwa was adopted by
(A) Bharathiya Janata Party
(B) Communist Party of India
(C) Indian National Congress(D) Bahujan Samaj Party 1
8. Democracy is better than any other form of rule because it
(A) Promotes equality among citizens
(B) Enhances the dignity of the individual
(C) Improves the quality of decision making
(D) All the above 1
9. Formal sources of credit does not include
(A) Banks (B) Co-operatives (C) Employers (D) None of the above 1


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