1.which one chemical reaction occurs during photosynthesis :
A.carbon dioxide is reduced and water is oxidized.
B.water is reduced and carbon dioxide is oxidized.
C.both carbon dioxide and water oxidized
D. both carbon dioxide and water are reduced.
2.the specific function of light energy in the process of photosynthesis is to:
a.reduce carbon dioxide.
b. synthesized glucose .
c.activate chlorophyll .
d.split water molecules.

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1. Option a is correct. 
Photosynthesis is the process by which chlorophyll-containing cells
synthesize food in the form of carbohydrates form carbon dioxide and water using sunlight.

Therefore, the raw materials required for photosynthesis are CO2 and H2O and the products formed are carbohydrates and O2.

Hence, the process can be represented as:

In above, Water is oxidized in photosynthesis, which means it loses electrons, and carbon dioxide is reduced, meaning it gains electrons.
Option a is correct. 

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