1. why a camel can run easily in deserts?

2.why an army tank weighing more than thousand tonne rests upon a continous chain?

3.what is the meaning of the following sentence."pressure exerted in any confined mass of fluid is transmitted undimished in all directions?

4.how will you find relative density by using archemede's principle?

5.why does a ship float on water?

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1 the surface area of the camel 's foot is less so the force applied will be the larger which allowes the camel to run faster

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5. Less displacement on water.

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1. because it have large foot that exert less pressure on the ground and that help in move easily.

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5. a ship floats on water due to it's streamlined shape.

4. Relative density = Density of object/Density of water

1. The surface area of the camel's foot is more, so it exerts less pressure on the ground, which makes it run easily.

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1.  The surface area of the camels foot is lesser therefore the force applied is more which makes easy for the camel to balance its body and which makes it to run faster.

2. This is because of the more surface area of the chain and less surface area of the wheels which creates less thrust on the chain.Therefore, the chain resists such less pressure and holds the tank onto its position continuously.

3. The sentence means that if the pressure is applied on any fluid of constricted mass then that pressure extent to whole bulk of the liquid instead of being exerted onto some particular area like in solids.For e.x. if a ball is immersed under the water then it applies some kind of pressure and that pressure extent to whole of the bulk instead of remaining on that particular area where it was immersed.

4. Relative density can be easily obtained through a simple formula= density of the substance/density of water

5. Ship floats on the water because its bottom part is made up of the substance whose density is equal to that of water therefore it is been immersed under the water whereas the upper surface is made up of the substance whose density is less than the water therefore through this principle it floats on water.

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see that the sole of the foot of the camesl has been widely stretched  so when it moves large surface area exert on the sand so it exert less preassure on the the desert sand therefore he is able to mpve easily

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2. they have long chains whish are spread widels whiche generally exert less pressure so the tanks are having chains to exertless pressure

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3. the pressur is already there in fluid but when any object displaces it the particles moves undimished in all direction

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Weight of displaced liquid = Mass of the displaced liquid × Acceleration due to gravity

= Density of the liquid × Volume of the displaced liquid × Acceleration due to gravity

Volume of the displaced liquid = Volume of the object that is immersed in the liquid

Weight of the displaced liquid = Volume of the object immersed in the liquid × Density of the liquid × Acceleration due to gravity = relative density

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5. the ships are made of iron which are made such that they are hacing air filled in it whi ch gets the density of the ship less than the density of water

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Camels have broad flat leathery pads.when the camel spreads its foot on ground these pads will spread by increasing the surface area thereby helping the camel to run faster as the force exerted by it is more .

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