1 why is there more scope for  SSI indeveloping countries in India .
2  state the features of cottage industry
​3  imagine life without your local market. what difficulties would a consumer face if there is no retail shop?​
​plz plz give answer

Dear student,

1) Developing countries do not have much access to capital and technology and small scale industries require lesser amount of capital and technology therefore there is more scope for SSI in developing nations.

2) The features of cottage industries are:
i) These industries do not hire labour they usually employ family members.
ii) These industries are rural based.
iii) The talent and skills required for these industries remain restricted to particular families.
iv) The amount of capital requirement is usually very low.
v) These industries are labour intensive.
vi) The production in these industries are mainly carried out for consumption purpose, a little portion is available for sale in market.

3) Retailers provide information to consumers about new products, their features, prices, etc. Retail shops are located in almost all residential areas. They offer wide variety of products. They ensure regular supply of products and provide credit facilities to regular customers. 
Without retail shops, we would be deprive all the above benefits which retail shops offer.


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